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Film production

Videos inspire people to take action, motivate or influence in ways that no other medium can. They improve social engagement and brand awareness - they can help your brand go viral. They allow you to connect to your audience in a personal way - more than with any other formats - and build trust. If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is video? With my extensive filming and production experience, as well as a strong global network to call on, I'm here to help you with whatever video content you need.

Showreel 2018
Anne Preussel

Showreel 2018

Corporate Film

  Production Process 


Wether your business is about cars, fashion, food or blockchain, wether you are a startup, an NGO or a government entity. I will help you define the best video marketing strategy to achieve your goals. Wether this will be a product film or several short client testimonial videos, we will find out what content you need and help you get the video content you need. 


Once I have all the details about your company, I start to develop a script. Important points need to be addressed here, such as what is this video for? Is it for customers who already understand the product, or for the general population? What is the core purpose of this video? 


Video works best as part of a targeted video marketing campaign. Using my video marketing experience, I can help you develop effective video marketing strategies that will help you increase the views of your videos and build lasting relationships between you and your customers. 


Once I have a clear idea of what is required for the filming I will send an amended budget to you which encompasses everything that you are looking for in the video. Take some time to check each line item and that everything you are looking for is included.